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How to participate in a #MOCEOchat

The Missouri Center for Employee Ownership is excited to host ongoing Twitter chats to foster innovative and cross-system conversations related to business, economic development, and entrepreneurship and their impact on our communities in the region. Anyone can participate.

Map of Missouri that shows percentage of baby boomer owned businesses in each county

These 5 Missouri counties might benefit the most from employee ownership

The Silver Tsunami of business owners seeking to retire soon creates an urgency for local communities to have conversations about employee ownership. . In communities where the number of soon-to-retire business owners is especially high, it can be an “existential crisis”.

Christmas Presents

Is employee ownership the perfect gift?

Gift giving this time of year can be a challenge, especially when buying for someone you care about. While everyone approaches the process a bit differently, they are all trying to figure out how to give the most joy while also maintaining a certain level of affordability. Picking the right gift is the balance between…

City skyline

Why does employee ownership need a nonprofit?

Employee ownership has the potential to completely change the economic landscape of Missouri and Kansas in the next decade. Even so, a mission-driven nonprofit advocating for employee ownership doesn’t immediately resonate with many people.